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What is eco solvent ink?

Eco solvent ink, also named weak solvent ink, is a new type of outdoor solvent ink with high safety, low volatility, low to low toxicity, and high flash point that has been popular in the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market in recent years. The development of ink has not stalled. At present, some people have put forward higher requirements to develop it into a green solvent outdoor inkjet.

What are the characteristics of eco solvent ink?

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effect, wide color gamut, excellent color expression;

(2) Waterproof, wear-resistant and not easy to discolor;

(3) Imported raw materials are used, with good dispersion stability and no plugging;

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, able to resist the influence of UV light and prevent color fading;

(5) It does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexane, and other toxic solvents, and the taste is extremely small;

(6) Good adhesion and quick-drying;