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About Fcolor

Fullcolor Technology Limited was established in 2010, focusing on the production and sales of inkjet printing consumables for 15 years. Inkjet consumables are green and environmentally friendly, reducing pollution emissions, energy saving and carbon reduction, protecting the earth's environment, and taking the concept of green environmental protection as sustainable development goals .

We have more than ten years of experience in inkjet printers and related consumables, and support more than 50 customers from beginners to dealers within one year. In this global economic and trade environment, we hope that we can also establish long-term cooperative relations and work together Work together to create a better future.

General Manager of Fcolor


Ten years as a year to insist on quality

In 2014, we officially registered the Fcolor brand. For more than ten years, we have been unremittingly improving our products, strictly controlling the quality, and determined to bring better products to the world. After continuous accumulation, our customers have spread all over the world. Sincerely thank every customer of Fcolor, because your choice has made Fcolor today, and thank every member of Fcolor, because you have created Fcolor's tomorrow.

Meet the FCOLOR Young Team

  • To guide and carry out their own work with the principle of integrity and law-abiding business philosophy and the fine tradition of unity, tension, seriousness and liveliness;
  • Take the Fcolor Convention as the core to develop and lead my team;
  • With the purpose of putting the company's interests above everything else, I will lead my team to create higher value for the company, give back to the society, thank the company for the benefit of the family, use all my abilities to help everyone in the team, and lead them to become Fcolor people with positive awareness and positive energy;
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Management Team

Management Team

Management Team

Management Team

Engaged in the inkjet printing industry for 15 years, led the R&D team, technical team and after-sales team to witness the rapid growth of Fcolor, mainly responsible for product R&D design, product experiment and testing, customer technical support and guidance, with a high sense of responsibility and good service awareness. Provide technical guidance for the company's new product development and design and product maintenance to ensure the smooth progress of customer orders.

Sky Zhang

Fcolor Engineer

In the production process, FCOLOR production department has always adhered to:"Quality is in my heart, standards are in my mind, craftsmanship is in my hands. With me, production will be better."

Sun Wu

Production Manager

I proactively seek to understand customer needs and requirements, provide accurate and detailed information about products or services, and respond promptly to customer questions and inquiries. Additionally, I keep a close eye on competitors, market trends, and changes, and continuously optimize pre-sales strategies and processes to improve the customer buying experience and satisfaction.


Fcolor Per-sale

I ensure that customers receive timely and professional support, including product maintenance, training, technical support, and consultations. I establish an efficient after-sales service system, respond promptly to customer feedback and inquiries, and document their opinions and feedback to help the company continuously improve products and services. Additionally, I maintain positive communication and relationships with customers to increase customer loyalty and improve brand reputation, helping the company win more business opportunities.


Fcolor After-sale

Fcolor Convention

Fcolor Convention

Start from me and put people first

Do not slander peers' personalities and products,

Seek truth from facts and do not exaggerate,

Establish professional ethics and do not boast and fake

Love the factory and work hard, and the company's interests are above all else

We have been growing and growing, never stop

Fcolor History

AD EXPOfrom the United States

2024 AD EXPOfrom the United States

To participate in the exhibition in Orlando, the United States, for many local customers in the United States to provide convenient logistics and after-sales service, effectively improve the customer experience

fcolor Celebration of gratitude

2023 fcolor Celebration of gratitude

In order to thank customers and employees for their trust and support of FCOLOR, at the end of this year, we held a banquet for Eight parties, in order to thank everyone for their contribution and support

Early 2023

At the beginning of 2023, FCOLOR Engineering Department moved to the dust-free workshop, so as to provide customers with better after-sales service in a professional and safer working test environment

2022 Agents from Indonesia

We've long collaborated, preferring your products & services. Your innovation keeps us competitive, and our communication flows smoothly. Hoping our partnership continues to overcome new challenges.

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