Inkjet Ink Solution Manufacturer

Providing Professional Digital Printing Solutions

Warehouse in the UnitedStates, providing fastdelivery

To provide you with more convenient and effcient product one-stop solution

Professional team to provide door-to-door technical services

Our solutions have supported over 50 customers in just one year, from beginners to dealers.

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Leading Manufacturer of Sublimation Ink Solutions

High-Quality DTF product to Boost Your Business!

We have 15 years of printer ink experience,

98% of the printing effect is almost the same as the original printer ink,

Support more than 50 customers from beginner to dealer within a year.

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Beautiful and vivid printing colors

High quality thermal sublimation printer with thermal sublimation ink

We have 15 years of printer ink experience,

98% of the printing effect is almost the same as the original printer ink,

Support more than 50 customers from beginner to dealer within a year.

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Professionally provide digital printing solutions

Professional VU DTF digital printer

We have 15 years of printer ink experience,

98% of the printing effect is almost the same as the original printer ink,

Support more than 50 customers from beginner to dealer within a year.

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Inkjet ink one-stop solution


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Advertise Printing Solution

We have the most professional solutions in the inkjet ink industry

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We pursue perfection in service and never compromise


Our team consists of a group of experienced and passionate professionals who are proficient in brand planning, visual design, marketing and other fields, and can meet the brand needs of customers in all aspects.


The principle of high standard of machinery in the selection of parts, for the assembly process and spare parts, adhere to the requirements of the original design standards and raw materials, and never sacrifice the quality requirements of the product due to cost considerations.


It provides more efficient supply chain management, inventory management and order processing, helping to reduce costs and improve sales efficiency.


Merchants can more easily reach a wider group of consumers, while consumers can more conveniently compare information such as price and quality of different products and services to make more informed purchasing decisions.


Established in 2009, our company has been focusing inkjet printer and inks for 15 years.

Our inkjet consumables are eco-friendly, reducing pollution emissions, energy-saving, and carbon-reducing. We convey colors, spread beauty, and protect the earth's environment.
  • With 30 years of experience in printer ink, our products achieve nearly the same printing effect as the original ink, reaching up to 98%.
  • Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, with one automated filling line and four manual production lines.
  • We support more than 50 customers, ranging from beginners to distributors, within a year.

Product Line

  • Our main products are mainly inkjet printers and related consumables
  • The products cover digital printing ink and related printing equipment, office printing ink and advertising printing ink, etc.

Production Equipment

  • There are 4 sets of production equipment to ensure timely delivery of ink
  • There are 5 ink testing equipment to ensure ink compatibility

Product Quality

  • Strictly control the production quality of the production department
  • The product has been strictly tested before shipment
  • Survive by quality and develop by quality


  • There are 50-100 employees
  • We have a professional sales team 24 hours online to solve your pre-sale doubts
  • We have professional engineers 24 hours online to solve after-sales troubles
  • Production department team that guarantees quality


  • Support spot, customized, light customized and other orders
  • Stable inventory and short delivery time
  • We provide one-stop digital printing and printing customized solutions
  • An ideal solution to help customers minimize costs and maximize benefits
  • 24-hour online reception service, waiting for your arrival at any time
  • Customized samples can be produced within 24 hours to reduce the waiting time for customers to purchase

Cooperation Process

Customer Demand

Product Proposal Quotation

Scheme (customization / design)

Confirmation scheme (designer-client)

Signing the Contract




Free Technical Training

After-sale warranty

Consult Your Printing Machine And Inkjet Ink Manufacturer

We have a first-class ink production line, high-quality professional printers and consumables,First-class inkjet printer manufacturing line, quality assurance
 and an experienced expert team to perfectly solve various printing problems for you.
Fcolor one-stop printing solution is your best professional partner.

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Agent from the United States

We're really happy with your products and services after our first meeting. Your team is super professional and helpful, giving us great advice. Excited for more collaborations and achieving big goals together!

Williams Y
We are very satisfied with your products and services after our first contact with your company. Your team is very professional and enthusiastic, and has provided us with patient and meticulous answers and suggestions for our needs. We look forward to future cooperation with you and believe that we can achieve more goals together.
Mike Hanrdson

Factory customers from the Middle East

We've been collaborating for years, prioritizing your products & services. Your constant innovation helps us stay competitive, and our communication is seamless. Hoping our partnership perseveres to tackle more challenges.

Jones M

Agency customers from India

We consider you a key partner, admired for your professionalism, innovation, and unwavering support. Together, we've become an industry leader. Looking ahead, we're confident our collaboration will yield even greater achievements.

Chandani Gupta 
Chandani Gupta

Agents from Indonesia

We've long collaborated, preferring your products & services. Your innovation keeps us competitive, and our communication flows smoothly. Hoping our partnership continues to overcome new challenges.

Kevin Martin
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