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3 Benefits of ID Card Printers for Live Event Registration

3 Benefits of ID Card Printers for Live Event Registration

Dec 22,2022
Long gone are the days of event planners printing name badges ahead of time, or for those who kept up with new technology as a tool to improve the attendee experience.

Having an ID card printer at your expo, conference, or trade show can go a long way toward the check-in process. There are several benefits to on-site registration and on-site voucher printing. We are introducing some of them to you.

1. Quick and Easy Registration Process

When planners opt for preprint, they know it means handing out name badges every time someone arrives at registration, going through piles of ID, and long lines of people.

Conversely, if people are allowed to sign in at an event kiosk and print their badges themselves, they will enjoy a faster event registration process. They also have the opportunity to obtain any other printed matter they require, such as tickets.

2. Employees Are Less Stressed and More Productive

When you print cards on-site, your team members are freed from check-in as they don't need to spend time searching for the correct ID from a pile of IDs.

If you place event kiosks with integrated printers, people will be able to sign in and pick up name badges themselves. That way, your team members are free to tackle other event-related tasks like hosting guests, assisting speakers, and making sure everything goes according to plan.

3. Reduce Waste and Cost

Every event planner knows that "absences" are inevitable. If you print cards ahead of time, you must create credentials for all registered attendees, as there is no way to tell who won't make it to the venue.

ID card printers placed at your event registration desks allow you to generate the required credentials for actual attendees and reduce reprints. All of this together allows you to minimize waste and reduce costs.

The above briefly introduced the 3 major advantages of ID card printers for on-site event registration, if you want to buy ID card printers, welcome to contact us.

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