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How to Use and Maintain an ID Card Printer?

How to Use and Maintain an ID Card Printer?

Mar 29,2022
If you just bought an ID card printer, what should you do to use it correctly? Getting it right is a good starting point to keep it running for years to come. Now that your printer is connected to your computer, you need to install a driver for your computer to recognize it and allow you to print. You can use the CD-ROM in the box, but it's best to visit your printer manufacturer's website and download the latest version of the driver. This way you will get an Up To Date of all new features and security patches available.

ID card printers are just like normal printers

The first thing to understand is that an ID card printer is just a normal printer as far as your computer is concerned, just like any inkjet or laser printer. Your computer can't tell the difference between them. You can open the connection software on your computer and connect it to your ID card printer. For your computer, the only difference is the output size. Plastic ID cards measure 3.375" x2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm), which is how your computer sees the output. It will print whatever you send to the printer in that format.

Take care of your printheads

Replacing the printhead is easy, but it's the most expensive part, so be careful. There are two common ways people have damaged printheads over the years.

The first is to use pre-punched cards. This is not a good idea. You want to save time, but in reality, this will damage the printhead. ID card printers are thermal printers, which means that as the plastic ID card moves under the print head, the heat burns the color into the plastic. When the printhead passes through the perforations in the card, it can scratch and damage the card. If you run your finger over the punch hole, you're likely to get the bumps in the plastic to fall off, so imagine what happens when those bumps start hitting the printhead.

The second involves opening the lid: when the printer's lid is opened to gain access to the inside, for whatever reason, the print head is exposed. Be very careful when replacing the printer ribbon so that plastic parts, jewelry, rings, watches, etc. do not hit the print head. This is the most common way to damage the printhead.

When printing ID cards, if you notice a long white line on the design, it means your printhead is damaged or very dirty. First, clean the printer/printhead properly and try again. If you still see the white line, you can contact us for more information.

Understanding ID ribbons

Your ID ribbon supplies ink to your printer, but it doesn't work like inkjet or laser cartridges. The ribbon comes with a dispenser (for holding the roll). Around the volume, there are ribbons containing color panels. Depending on the type of the panel in the roll, the ribbon can be quickly identified. Example: YMCKO (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Overlay) ribbon. Overlays are transparent panels that cover the entire card and protect the color. Some ribbons have no overlay, which means the color fades quickly.

You can't save on ink bills because your ribbon has the exact number of prints. For example, a YMCKO with 250 prints means it has 1250 panels (yellow, magenta, cyan, black, and overlay - 5 x 250). So even if you only print a small logo on a card, your printer won't print more than 250 cards with this ribbon. The panel surrounds the second roll, and when the first roll is empty, you must change the ribbon. Reducing the number of prints per card will not save ink! It doesn't work that way!

Tip: Do not unnecessarily reopen the lid after changing the ribbon. The printer syncs the ribbon every time the lid is opened and closed, and you lose many panels. Open the lid only when the ribbon is used up. This saves money!

Because it is a thermal printer, the ribbon will break in the printer from time to time. This is normal. Don't throw the ribbon in the trash when this happens, just use scotch tape to stick the end of the ribbon to the second roll (stick it on the correct side), turn the roll a few times so you can see Remove the scotch tape and close the lid. The printer will synchronize the ribbon and you can continue printing your ID card.

If your ribbon breaks frequently, check the temperature of the print head in the computer/printer properties. It may be set too high and the heat from the printhead will cut the ribbon.

Clean your printer regularly

This is a very important step to perform every 500 cards or after changing two ribbons. Helps extend the life of the printhead by performing printer cleaning. Thermal printers can produce ribbon residue that sticks to the printhead and can greatly reduce the print quality of the card. These residues also get onto the rollers inside the printer that move cards. Properly cleaning the printer will clean all of these parts.

Printer cleaning usually involves three steps. Before starting the cleaning, you will need to remove all cards from the feeder and remove the ribbon.

Use a cleaning card; it looks like a CR80 card but is made of a carton instead of plastic and moistened with alcohol.

Gently clean the printhead with a pencil or cotton swab.

Depending on your printer, you will need to replace the cleaning roller or clean it with a rag.

Safeguard your CR80 ID

The CR80 card is what we call a dust collector. They contain static and attract dust easily, which is bad. When printing cards, dust can stick under the overlay and be visible. Put your cards in a box or card feeder. This way you will get less dust and better print quality.

Always keep the card close to you; do not put your fingers on the card before printing. If you do this, your fingerprint will appear on the card, and with the thermal head and overlay, your fingerprint will appear on the card.

Take good care of your printer and it will last a long time. , if you have any questions during use, you can contact us to help you.

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