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What is the Difference Between DTF Ink and DTG Ink in Application?

What is the Difference Between DTF Ink and DTG Ink in Application?

Sep 14,2022
DTF Ink and DTG Ink
What is the difference between the application of DTF ink and DTG pigment ink? Before the analysis, let's talk about the names of DTG pigment inks currently on the market. Some refer to DTF textile printing ink, and some are called film transfer ink. In fact, both DTF textile printing inks and film transfer inks have broad names. DTF textile printing ink will be simpler, mainly emphasizing the application of DTF pigment ink.

In the two applications of DTF textile printing and direct-to-cotton printing, both belong to the application of pigment ink, so what is the difference between the two applications?

1. Different crafts

The biggest difference between the two apps is the process. The DTF textile printing ink application is to print the ink on the thermal transfer film, then sprinkle a layer of hot melt powder on the surface of the thermal transfer film, and then press to produce the color; while the DTG ink application is printed directly on the fabric. For better color and color fastness, fabrics often need to be used with pre - and post-treatment liquids during the printing process.

2. Different feel

Through the difference in the application process of the above two, in terms of hand feel, the direct spray DTG pigment ink performs better. This is because in DTF printing applications there is a layer of hot melt powder between the ink and the fabric. The hot melt powder acts as a binder and transfers the ink to the fabric. The natural feel is slightly worse than that of direct application. DTG pigment inks are printed directly on the fabric, so there is generally no hand feel the problem. In terms of feel, the application advantages of direct spraying are obvious. On the other hand, with the maturity of DTF printing technology application and the improvement of hot melt powder application performance.

3. Different color expressiveness and fastness

DTF printing applications are even better in terms of color performance. Likewise, DTF printing performed better in terms of fastness. In order to improve color and fastness, direct spray application often requires a combination of pre-treatment liquid and post-treatment liquid to achieve better results, and the application of hot melt powder in DTF printing perfectly solves the problem of color and fastness.

Using hot-melt powder as a binder, the pigment ink is perfectly combined with the fabric, and the color performance and fastness performance after color development is very good. The color fastness problem is very troublesome in the application of DTG printing. The use of hot melt powder as the intermediate medium makes the pigment ink and fabric fit well, which perfectly solves the problem of color fastness in DTG printing applications.

4. Solutions cost different

At present, the application machine of DTF printing is still dominated by Epson 4720 nozzles, while DTG printing is dominated by industrial nozzles. The cost of the machines used between the two is quite different. In terms of ink price, DTF textile printing ink for the 4720 machines is also cheaper than ink for DTG printing.

The largest cost of DTF printing applications is thermal transfer film, and the price of thermal transfer film is constantly falling. Overall, DTF printing costs are lower than DTG printing costs. The DTF printing program has a low investment threshold, a simple process, and is easy to enter and copy, so it has developed rapidly and become popular in a short period of time.

The above is about the difference between DTF textile printing ink and DTG pigment ink. Currently, both solutions fall under the category of pigment digital applications. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Market positioning and customer base are still very different.

DTF printing will become the mainstream solution for personalized applications, and cotton digital printing will become the main application of DTG directly in garment printing. The two solutions complement each other and will become the backbone of the rapid development of the entire pigment digital printing. If you want to customize or buy a DTF printer, welcome to contact us.

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