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Environmental Solvent Printer Operation Problems and Solutions

Environmental Solvent Printer Operation Problems and Solutions

May 25,2022
With the development and prosperity of the advertising industry, great progress has been made in all aspects of the entire industry chain. As the main advertising production and printing equipment, environmentally friendly solvent printers have achieved their own development under the impetus of the environment, but also accompanied by problems. In the process of screen printing for advertising printing, various problems will occur, such as ink, ink return, and how to add ink.

1. Appropriately add environmentally friendly solvent ink

Ink is the main printing consumable, and the high smoothness of the original ink can print perfect images. Therefore, it is also a living technical system for ink cartridges and refills inks: choose high-quality original ink manufacturers; correctly identify the environmentally friendly solvents used in the type of ink used, and save accordingly; correctly identify and add the correct color of ink, do not add the wrong color and ink for mixing; to add ink, you can use an ink-filling funnel or related auxiliary tools for adding ink refills. Finally, at work, be sure to keep an eye on the ink cartridge capacity.

2. The relationship between ink viscosity and nozzle clogging

Eco solvent printing equipment is most prone to nozzle clogging problems when in use, and some clogging is often caused by drastic changes in ink viscosity. If the ink viscosity is too high, the fluidity of the ink is poor, and the ink output is not enough; the ink viscosity is too low, making the piezoelectric crystal nozzle easy to inhale the air during the recovery process, and then the ink during this time, it is difficult to absorb the ink and suck the air out. 

In the face of these two situations, it is necessary to pay attention to the deposition environment of the ink. Before using the ink, place the ink in a perfect use environment for more than 24 hours. On the one hand, the viscosity of the ink will change due to temperature.

3. How to solve the problem of ink return in environmentally friendly solvent printers?

Ink failure is a relatively common daily use failure in printing, which is usually caused by related problems such as ink or ink filling pipe joints and air pressure in ink. The solution is to do three inspections to check whether the ink leaks, to prevent a large amount of air from entering the atmospheric pressure, causing the ink bag to pour ink and return ink;
The second is to check whether the ink sac is leaking; check whether the sealing contact between the refill and the interface is not tightly sealed, because the tight connection of the refill will not cause air to enter the ink system and cause ink backflow.

After inspection, if you find that the interface is not sealed, you can reconnect it to ensure that the seal is not leaked. If the ink bag, the refill tube is broken or a small hole, please replace it directly. In addition, a one-way valve switch can be added to the ink replenishing tube, etc., and can be closed in a common one-way valve switch when it is idle to further prevent the backflow of ink.

4. How to solve the problem of broken ink?

For the problem of ink breakage, you can find the cause and further solve it. First of all, confirm whether the cleaning effect is not good. If the result is not good, the ink will be broken every time, and the ink will not be fixed during cleaning. 

If this problem occurs, it is necessary to adjust the ink pile and the positioning cap of the ink pile to achieve a better cleaning effect; The other is that the cleaning effect is good, but there will be a large area of black ink at the beginning of printing, and if you continue to print a row, the ink will be completely broken. This situation is likely to be the cause of the leaking ink sac. You need to check the copper interface and O-ring.

The second is that the ink starts to break for a period of time after the ink is cut off. The printing effect of the ink cut of the nozzle is not much, and there are several kinds of colors. 

This is mainly caused by the large air bubbles at the front end of the ink cartridge or the ink replenishing tube. Need to check whether there are a lot of air bubbles in the middle of the refill. After turning it on again, the ink pile rotates in one direction with a clicking sound, and there is a continuous clicking sound. It may be that there is no medicine blocking the slice blade sensor or the loose blade sensor damages the signal line.

The above describes the operation problems and solutions of environmentally friendly solvent printers. If you plan to buy environmentally friendly solvent printers or inks, please contact us.

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