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What is cart ink?

Carton ink is a special type of ink commonly used for printing on materials such as cartons and cardboard. It is also known as packaging printing ink. It can be used for printing on various types of cardboard and carton, including corrugated board, corner guard carton, color printing carton and paper packaging box, etc. Carton ink is a kind of ink specially designed for printing cardboard and carton, which is divided into dye carton ink and pigment carton ink.

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The specialty ink utilizes a unique formulation to ensure that printed patterns and text on paper boxes remain clear and stable over time. It is resistant to wear and fading, even during transportation, stacking, and other common logistics operations.

Excellent Adhesion:

This ink firmly adheres to the surface of paper boxes, preventing peeling or detachment and ensuring the printed materials remain intact throughout the supply chain.

High Contrast and Vibrancy:

Paper Box Specialty Ink delivers outstanding contrast and saturation, making printed text and images more vivid and easily recognizable.

Fast Drying:

The ink has fast-drying properties, which contribute to improved production efficiency and faster printing speeds for paper boxes.

Environmental Friendliness:

Many Paper Box Specialty Inks are formulated to be environmentally friendly, complying with relevant environmental regulations and standards, thereby reducing their impact on the environment.

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Paper Box Specialty Ink is commonly used in the packaging and logistics industry for printing labels, product information, barcodes, and more on paper boxes. It enhances the quality and product identification of the packaging while strengthening brand image and consumer trust.Choosing the right specialty ink for paper box printing ensures the quality and longevity of the printed materials , providing reliable solutions for packaging and logistics processes.

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Carton ink Application:Corrugated paper, cardboard, coatedpaper, kraft paper andother full range of carton packaging paper

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