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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pigment Ink

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pigment Ink

Jul 3,2024
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At FCOLOR, we understand that achieving perfect printing results requires not only the best equipment but also the right techniques. Pigment inks can provide vibrant, long-lasting prints, but common flaws can affect the results. Here, we outline the top ten mistakes to avoid when using pigment inks to help you achieve the best possible printing results.

1. Ignoring Ink Compatibility

One of the most common mistakes is using pigment inks with incompatible printers and papers. Not all printers are designed to handle pigment inks. Make sure your printer model is specifically designed for pigment inks. Additionally, not all paper types are suitable for pigment inks. For best results, use coated papers as they absorb ink better and prevent smudging.

2. Ignoring Printer Maintenance

It is essential to maintain your printer regularly. Neglecting to clean the printhead and nozzles can cause the ink path to become clogged, resulting in streaking and poor color quality. At FCOLOR, we recommend performing nozzle checks and cleanings at least once a month to keep your printer in optimal condition.

3. Improper Ink Storage

Improper storage of pigment inks can severely affect their performance. Pigment inks should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause pigments to settle or degrade, resulting in inconsistent color output. Always store inks in their original sealed containers to preserve their quality.

4. Ignoring Color Management

Color management is essential to achieving accurate and consistent printing. Without proper color profiling, your prints may not match the colors displayed on your screen. We recommend using a color calibration tool and ICC profile tailored for your printer and ink combination. This ensures that the colors you see on your monitor are faithfully reproduced in your prints.

5. Ignoring Drying Time

Pigment inks require adequate drying time to properly fix on paper. Drying too quickly can cause smudging and color transfer. Before handling or mounting, dry your prints in a dust-free environment for at least 24 hours. For best results, use a drying rack to keep your prints flat and prevent them from coming into contact with other surfaces.

6. Using Incorrect Print Settings

Incorrect print settings can significantly affect print quality. Always select the appropriate media type and print quality settings in the printer driver. For pigment inks, selecting a higher print quality setting can enhance color depth and detail. Also, make sure you are using the correct resolution setting for your specific print job.

7. Not Shaking the Ink Cartridges

Pigment particles can settle over time, causing uneven color distribution. To prevent this, gently shake the ink cartridges before installing them in the printer. Be careful not to shake too vigorously, as this can cause bubbles in the ink, which can lead to printing problems.

8. Overusing the Printer

While it may be tempting to run your printer continuously, overuse can cause overheating and wear on the printhead. Periodically give your printer a break to cool down, especially during high-volume print jobs. This helps preserve the life of your printer and ensure consistent print quality.

9. Ignoring Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can affect print quality. High humidity can cause paper to bend, which can cause misaligned prints. Conversely, low humidity can cause static electricity to build up, which can attract dust particles to the printing surface. Maintain a controlled environment for your print settings to minimize these issues.

10. Not Using Genuine Inks

Using third-party or counterfeit inks can affect print quality and damage your printer. Genuine inks from reputable manufacturers like FCOLOR are carefully formulated to provide optimal performance and longevity. Investing in high-quality inks ensures that your prints are vibrant, long-lasting, and true to color.


Using pigment inks can produce amazing, long-lasting prints, but to achieve the best results, common mistakes must be avoided. By choosing the right paper, storing inks correctly, controlling humidity levels, and performing regular printer maintenance, you can ensure that your prints are always of the highest quality. Remember to check expiration dates, adjust printer settings, and do test prints to detect any problems early. At FCOLOR, we are committed to providing you with the best products and expert advice to help you achieve your printing goals. Remember, attention to detail and the right techniques are the key to unlocking the full power of pigment inks. If you are looking for reliable pigment inks and consumables, welcome to contact us.

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What are the advantages of pigment inks compared to dye inks?

Compared to dye inks, pigment inks are more durable and less prone to fading. They offer better color stability and are ideal for archival-quality printing.

How long do pigment inks last on paper?

Pigment inks can last for decades without fading noticeably, especially when used with high-quality archival paper.

Can I mix pigment inks from different brands?

It is generally not recommended to mix pigment inks from different brands because the formulations may differ and cause compatibility issues.

What should I do if my prints look faded?

If your prints look faded, check the ink levels, make sure you are using the correct paper, and verify that the printer settings are optimized for pigment inks.

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