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How to Choose DTF Film?

How to Choose DTF Film?

Apr 7,2023
With the vigorous development of the PET DTF film industry, various types of PET DTF films have appeared on the market. But the quality and price are very different, which makes many customers, especially entrepreneurs who are new to the PET DTF film industry, confused when purchasing. Today FCOLOR will give you a brief introduction to DTF PET film so that the purchase will no longer be entangled.

DTF PET Film Structure Analysis:

1. Printing Layer: Also known as the printing layer, it is pure white before printing. Common types of materials include PVC, PU, etc. The quality of the printing layer will directly affect the exquisiteness of the pattern and the effect of heat transfer printing. The PU material is an environmentally friendly material, and the printing effect is realistic. It is the main product on the market at present, and the price is relatively high.

2. Adhesive Layer: The adhesive layer is a layer of hot-melt adhesive film, which has no adhesive force at room temperature, and is combined with the fabric after pressurization. The quality of the adhesive layer will directly affect the bonding strength between the image and the fabric after heat transfer.

3. Release Layer: Also called the peeling layer, it is a layer of release agent coating. Its main function is to separate the printing film from the base film. It is a factor that affects whether the image is easy to release after printing and cutting.

4. Base Layer: It is the carrier of the first three layers. Commonly used thermal transfer base films include paper base and PET film. The paper base is relatively soft and easily deformed when cutting, so it is gradually replaced by other materials. At present, the commonly used material is PET film, whose advantages such as high tensile strength and no deformation make it gradually replace the paper base.

5. The other is the structure of the protective layer and antistatic layer.

How to Judge the Quality of DTF Transfer Film?

White Ink Printing:

DTF printing is based on white ink, so the color of the fabric will not affect the pattern. So the advantage of DTF is that you don't have to choose the color of the fabric. Generally speaking, 80% and 100% white ink printing on DTF transfer film is more common.


Pay attention to the edges of the pattern when printing. Some DTF transfer films on the market have water edges on the printed pattern, and the water edge will cause powdering on the edge of the printed pattern, resulting in poor transfer quality.

Cold Tear Hot Tear Problem:

For this problem, many manufacturers recommend cold tearing. With the development of technology, some DTF films support both cold tearing and hot tearing.

Pattern Saturation:

This is also a key indicator, the better the DTF transfer film, the clearer the transferred pattern and the higher the saturation.

Whether the Pattern Is Mottled:

Through the light, we can see that there are pinhole-sized white spots on the patterns transferred from some inferior DTF transfer films. This is a very serious problem that can affect printing results.

Coating Appearance:

The pattern coating of high-quality film printing is evenly distributed without graininess. This is something to be aware of if you care about granularity.

Oil Return:

When testing DTF membranes, special attention should be paid to the problem of oil return. Oil paint has a great influence on the look and feel of the pattern, and it will also affect the saturation of the color.

After understanding PET DTF Film, you will know how to choose. We recommend you choose FCOLOR DTF Film. If you want to buy DTF Film or other inkjet printer consumables, please contact us.

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