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The September Procurement Festival Ended Successfully

The September Procurement Festival Ended Successfully

Oct 12,2022
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Fcolor Award Ceremony
WOW! Fcolor held a lucky draw award ceremony for the colleagues who first to achieve results at the Super September Company Team PK Competition and won a good start to encourage new achievements.

Fcolor personnel always believes that quality is life! Reputation is forever!

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Company Profile
Fullcolor Technology Limited founded in 2009, is a company specializing in the production of inkjet printer and machine consumables. 

Various printer consumables, such as Heat transfer filmDye Sublimation PaperPVC white card, etc; 

For the control of raw materials, strictly controlled in a series of links from product development, development, production to quality inspection, ensuring stable product quality and superior performance.

The company has a wide range of products, which are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and many other regions in the world. OEM service can also be provided. 

"Reduce printing costs, popularize printing users, improve printing quality, and share the true color world" is the purpose of our company; It is our commitment to attach great importance to after-sales service and meet customers' needs to a large extent.

"Beautify the environment, reduce pollution, effectively use and save energy" has been our responsibility. 

We advocate green printing and have developed environment-friendly compatible ink cartridges, making a contribution to promoting social environmental protection. 

We sincerely hope to join hands with customers from all over the world to go to the true color world!
Before sales, we will provide customers with comprehensive technical, product and application consulting, and provide telephone, MSN, Skype and other communication channels;

During the sale, we will fully communicate with customers to confirm their needs, ensure that the products and solutions are well matched with customers' needs, use environment and other conditions, so as to provide customers with excellent products and solutions;

After sales, we will continue to track the use of customers, take time to solve problems encountered by customers in the use of products and solutions, and send technicians to provide on-site services when necessary.

Fcolor personnel always believes that quality is life! Reputation is forever! 

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