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Common Problems with ID Card Printers and How to Troubleshoot Them!

Common Problems with ID Card Printers and How to Troubleshoot Them!

Aug 9,2022
You rely on your ID card printer to produce durable, high-quality ID cards and badges. What do you do when it fails? The following articles are intended to provide common fixes for simple problems. 

Poor print quality

The print is not clear, is too heavy or too light, or leaves white lines or spots on the ID card. Each problem is caused by a different card printer problem.

The source of the problem:

If you see streaks on the card, replace the ribbon.

When some areas print well and others poorly, clean the printer and printhead.

Check the power supply to make sure the printer is getting enough power to heat the thermal unit that prints the dye on the card.

Only buy high-quality cards and store them properly in a location where they won't accumulate dust and grime that can remain in the card printer.

The card jams

Cards can get stuck in the printer for various reasons. Don't pull it! You may cause more damage. Open the printer cover and locate the jammed paper. Try turning the wheel to release the card, then gently remove it.

The source of the problem:

There are several reasons for a plastic card to get stuck inside the printer. Excessive dirt and debris can build up, blocking gears and printer paths.

Another reason could be the card itself. If it is not the size and thickness of your printer, it will jam or produce poor print quality.

Ribbon breaks

Premature ribbon breakage is a symptom of another problem that should be addressed before you incur the cost of replacing your card printer ribbon.

The source of the problem:

Check the specifications of the printer ribbon to make sure it is designed to work with your specific card printer.

Dirt and dust can build up on the ribbon, causing it to break. Clean the printer regularly.

Premature printhead failure

The printhead in a direct-to-print card printer is in contact with the surface of your card, so any damage or problems with this part will show up on your card. The printhead is an expensive replacement part. Be aware of behavior that may affect it.

The source of the problem:

Check printhead alignment. This problem can cause the ribbon on the card to break or wrinkle if it is not properly aligned.

Direct-to-card printers are not designed to print edge-to-edge. Printing too close to the end of the card may cause damage to the printer ribbon. Follow the manufacturer's specifications for the recommended print area. If you need edge-to-edge card printing, buy a thermal transfer card printer.

If you see horizontal white lines on printed cards, this is the result of a damaged printhead. Once the white line appears, the printing pixel has failed due to damage and the only solution is to replace the print head completely. 

The above briefly introduces several ID card printer faults and their solutions. If you want to buy a new ID card printer, please contact us.

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