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How to Store Printer Cartridges?

How to Store Printer Cartridges?

Jul 19,2022
Storing unopened ink cartridges is actually fairly simple, giving you the freedom to store ink cartridges and get discounts on multiple purchases. There are four key factors to control:

How to store unopened ink cartridges?

Keep the product upright with the nozzle up

This minimizes the risk of leaks or nozzle problems.

Keep product cool

Avoid storing ink cartridges near a radiator or next to a hot PC. A cool drawer is ideal. 

Keep product dry

Your cartridges can't get wet, sorry.

Put it in a dark place

Direct sunlight and artificial light can degrade ink quality, so darkness is recommended.

We generally recommend storing cartridges for 6-12 months for optimal performance. While you might be able to store them for longer, we've found this to be the best option for keeping your printer running smoothly.

How to store an open cartridge

Occasionally it happens that you open the wrong color before you need it and leave an unsealed product that can go to waste. 

While it's always better to limit this from happening, by following the steps below, you'll be able to better store open cartridges.

Step 1: Replace any clips removed from the cartridge

Step 2: Put them in an airtight plastic bucket

Step 3: Make sure to place the ink cartridge nozzles up

Step 4: Put a damp cloth in the tub

These simple steps should maximize the life of your cartridges, but for best performance and to minimize any problems, avoid opening incorrect cartridges and use them early.

The above is a brief description of how to store inkjet printer ink cartridges. If you want to buy new printer ink cartridges, please contact us.

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