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  • Sublimation Ink for EPSON

Sublimation Ink for EPSON

Sublimation Ink for EPSON

Product parameters

Sublimation ink for EPSON scope of application:

Sublimation ink for EPSON is suitable for: cloth, leather, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC plate, etc.

Features: the transfer image is bright and colorful, its effect is comparable to printing, the difference is that Thermal transfer is an image that can be formed when the thermal transfer ink is sublimated by heat at high temperature, penetrates into the surface of the medium, and sublimates. Therefore, no adhesive film is formed on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off or crack, and the light resistance is very strong, and it will not fade for a long time.

What is the sublimation ink classifications?

(1) The sublimation ink suitable for piezoelectric inkjet printers is a water-based ink, strictly speaking, it is a dispersion ink (dispersion process production); such inks are divided into Epson nozzles (common 5113, DX5, TX800), XP600, etc.) and industrial source nozzles (common Ricoh, Jingzhidao, Konica, Kyocera, etc.)

(2) Sublimation inks suitable for traditional screen printing machines are oily inks.

Sublimation Ink for EPSON Features:

  • Factory direct supply ;

  • High quality with competitive price ;

  • Transfer temperature:180-200 degrees ;

  • Transfer time:25-40 seconds ;

  • Available color: C M Y K LC LM ;

  • Good resistant, no clog nozzle ;

  • Comprehensive and vivid color performance ;

  • Water fastness and Lightfastness can reach 4-5 classes.ntage of the imported ink.

  • Team Uniforms, Fashion T-Shirts, Garments,  key rings, display products, plates, mugs, ceramic, etc.

Sublimation Ink For Epson


-- Quality and raw materials

1. 100% pre-tested on the corresponding printer;

2. Strict production operation;

3. Environmental protection material;

4. Each batch of ink from production has to be passing our standard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink. All batches are backed by 1.5-2 year stability and consistency warranty, retain samples are offer for our customer.

Sublimation Ink For Epson


Sublimation Ink For Epson

Sublimation Ink For Epson

Product packaging

Sublimation InkSublimation Ink For Epson

Sublimation Ink For EpsonSublimation Ink

Sublimation Ink