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What To Do If The Inkjet Printer Is Blocked?

Nov 26 , 2019

At present, the printers we easily come across are laser printers and inkjet printers. The inkjet machine is easy to use and can print color prints, which is more cost-effective than other types of printers. Easy to plug, is its most prone to failure. So how can we ensure that the print head is not blocked if the printer is not used for a long time? The suppliers of Expression Home XP-240 Ink Jet Printer will come to tell you.

Expression Home XP-240 Ink Jet Printer

Expression Home XP-240 Ink Jet Printer

Used black jet machine, it is best to work for a while every day. The machine that has been idle for a few days should be turned on and printed with several "test pages". Regular use is an important means to prevent plugging. Another reason for the "clogging" of inkjet printers is the use of inferior ink (cartridges), or frequent replacement of black water (cartridges) of different brands that cause chemical reactions and plugging. Inkjet printers have a large volume of ink, the Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink is common used. After a long time, the ink affects the print nozzles and print images. Print head wear and ink build-up affect print image quality for a long time. Therefore, the correct choice of inkjet and the correct maintenance of printheads are issues that inkjet printer users should not ignore during use. Therefore, when replacing ink cartridges in inkjet printers, don't try to be cheap and buy some inferior products. If there are no problems with the ink cartridges, it is recommended that you do not switch to another brand. Therefore, the user should choose the ink first. The quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed image and determines the service life of the sprinkler. The production of inkjet ink and its complexity, many users can only meet the continuous printing of ink, and choose "cheap and cheap" ink. Inferior inks not only produce poor color, roughness, and gloss, but also easily cause nozzle tilt and blockage. Inferior inks are also corrosive, which can easily damage the nozzle and reduce the service life of the nozzle. In this case, the user is also recommended to use the manufacturer's ink.

Once the printer is "plugged", the "cleaning" program can be started. If it does not work, the machine must be sent to a professional maintenance department. They all have "ultrasonic shampoo" equipment, and many can return to normal.

The second is to do a good job of maintenance of inkjet printers and water jets. Nozzles are most likely to clog nozzles due to long printing times, improper ink use, or long standing times. Of course, the use of poor-quality inks can also cause nozzle clogging, affect print quality, and even cause the entire nozzle to be scrapped. Although the manufacturing process of the nozzle is delicate, its structure is not complicated. The surface in direct contact with the printing medium is not satisfied with many tiny circular holes. The nozzle is connected to a nozzle inserted in the barrel. From the nozzle to the nozzle and the ejection hole, ink powder or impurities are usually held with adhesion. As long as the powder and impurities are removed, the nozzle can resume normal printing functions.

Stop using the coating machine for a long time (such as National Day holiday), it is best to wash the liquid cleaning solution after cleaning the entire coating machine to avoid clogging. Most abandoned sprinklers are simply blocked by spray holes and cannot work. They can only restore their printing capabilities by simple cleaning.

During the printing process, the machine often performs ink printing or cleaning holes, but the printing effect is poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, and the machine cannot be filled with ink, otherwise the printer cannot work by manual cleaning. Although the manual cleaning method is not complicated, the cleaning frequency should not be too frequent because the sprinkler needs to be removed. The manual cleaning method is to use a syringe and a set of tools, such as a rubber hose, cleaning solution, ten-time magnifying glass, hard plastic knife, etc. When the nozzle is removed, use a magnifying glass to carefully locate the nozzle, and then use the A hole to inject the rinse solution into the hole. Syringes, and hard plastic knives can be used to scrape residue at the edges of the holes, if necessary. Do not contaminate the electrode part during use.

In the end, if the nozzle is blocked and you can't repair it yourself, please contact the factory technicians in time. The above are the tips for blocking the inkjet printer shared by Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Manufacturer. I hope it can help everyone.