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What to Do if the Ink Cartridge Nozzle is Blocked?

Feb 11 , 2020

Inkjet printers are different from the dry printing media used by dot matrix printers and laser printers. The printing materials of color inkjet printers: the ink is wet. If your printer is not used for a long time, or the environment is too dry, then There is a case where the ink is blocked and the nozzle is blocked due to a large amount of water evaporation. In addition, if the same ink cartridge has been filled with inks of different brands and different types, especially low-quality inks, it is easy to cause sediments and block the nozzles. Once the printer nozzle is blocked, the printed documents, images, photos, etc. may be missing, broken lines, color irregularities, illegible handwriting, and lack of colors. In other words, the printer simply strikes and cannot print. In some cases, you need to clean the printer's print head. The HP Designjet latex Ink Supplier introduces the cleaning method of the nozzle.


Method 1: Clean the print head with a simple software tool (that is, clean the print head with a driver)

Note: If the printer nozzle is not very clogged, but the printing effect is poor, then simple cleaning is good. You can use the software tool that comes with the printer driver to clean it. Almost every inkjet printer will come with cleaning cartridge tool. When cleaning, first load a sheet of plain paper into the printer.


Method 2: Manually clean the nozzle

Prepare a clean small dish or dish, pour some warm water into it, and immerse the ink cartridge nozzles in water for two to ten hours (depending on the degree of blockage).

Operation method: Pour warm water or cleaning solution into the container. It is better to just soak the nozzle in the height. Be careful not to let the cleaning solution contact the circuit board of the nozzle. Allow the nozzle to soak in the cleaning solution for about 1 hour, and wait for soaking. After soaking, take out the ink cartridge of the print head, with the print head facing outwards, and spin dry (extract the remaining ink with centrifugal force, and use a napkin to absorb the ink blown off near the print head of the ink cartridge. If necessary, you can use cleaning Soak in liquid, or change to alcohol. If you need to clean the inside of the ink cartridge, clean the Ink Cartridge thoroughly.

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Bulk Ink Cartridge For Epson Surecolor

After cleaning the nozzle, it is best to put it in a dry and ventilated environment and let it air dry. You can also dry it with a fan to ensure that there is no residual cleaning liquid or moisture inside. Then you can install the ink cartridge back to the printer (be sure to ensure that the print head is completely dry, otherwise the print head may be burned!) At this point, the cleaning process of the print head is completed. A test page is printed after the cartridge is installed. Compare the effects before and after.


Problems such as clogged printer nozzles and dry ink cartridges have made it more convenient for everyone to enjoy the convenience of high technology. After reading the above popular science of Bulk Ink Cartridge For Epson Surecolor supplier, I believe that everyone's troubles should have been answered, I hope the above article content can be helpful to everyone.