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What Kind Of Ink Is Mild Solvent Ink?

Dec 19 , 2019

The English name of Mild Solvent Ink is ECO-solvent ink, where ECO can be regarded as an abbreviation of environmental protection, uncoated substrate and outdoor weatherability. The features generally promoted by machines using ECO-solvent ink are environmental protection, high precision and outdoor weatherability. In the production process of inks, in addition to the selection of environmentally friendly solvents, weak solvent inks also have two higher requirements compared to solvent-based inks: one is to control the ink dispersion better in order to achieve high-precision output. The other is that the filtration precision of the ink production process is higher.

Mild Solvent Ink have extremely high stability. In addition to the factors that affect stability, in addition to the inferior raw materials easily absorb ultraviolet rays, cold and heat, cause decomposition and the metal ion content in the mixture exceeds the standard, the poor anti-polymerization of the mixture also leads to the reduction of ink stability. It is manifested by the short shelf life of the ink, the color variation due to changes in the surrounding environment, the precipitation of crystals when exposed to cold and heat, and the rapid change in color after printing, etc. All environmentally friendly weak solvent ink configuration products are formulated with safe and harmless materials, non-toxic, odorless, Harmless to people and pollution-free.

Mild Solvent Ink

Mild Solvent Ink

Six outstanding properties of weak solvent inks:

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, excellent color expression;

(2) Waterproof, abrasion resistant and easy to discolor;

(3) Adopt imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no plugging;

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, can resist the influence of UV light and prevent color fading;

(5) Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents, and has a very small taste;

(6) Good adhesion and quick-drying.

Mild solvent inks do not clog or damage the print head. Factors that damage and block the print head include inferior raw materials, improper use of reagents or impure reagents, use of untreated water such as metal ions or non-sterilized water, poor filtration after preparation and excessive particles, electrical conductivity, and pH values, etc. These unfavorable factors lead to poor solubility of the raw materials, which can easily cause changes in the surrounding environment and decompose for a long time, resulting in precipitated crystals, which directly cause bad effects such as poor fluidity, nozzle clogging, and corrosion of the print head. The weak solvent ink performs 3 levels of filtration to ensure particle size , Ion concentration, etc., fully meet the performance indicators of the original ink, fundamentally eliminating the possibility of nozzle clogging or even damage to the print head.

Mild solvent ink has excellent fluidity. There are many factors that affect fluidity. The above-mentioned mixture of raw materials, reagents, water, etc. contains metal ion content, bacteria content, particle size, surface tension, viscosity, defoaming property, drying property, and water solubility. Exceeds the standard. In addition to the control of raw materials, reagents, water and other raw materials, Youmo Ink uses Japanese advanced testing equipment for strict process control. The performance indicators are within the control range, especially the addition of reagents to ensure that the nozzles are not dry for a long time. The special moisturizing agent with extremely strong moisturizing properties makes the ink extremely smooth.

What are the advantages of mild solvent inks and solvent inks? The Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier will tell you below.

Compared with solvent-based inks, the biggest change of weak-solvent inks is the environmental friendliness, which is mainly reflected in the reduction of volatile VOCs and no longer using many toxic organic solvents, which is no longer needed in the production workshop of weak-solvent inkjet printers. Ventilation. However, we must see that the main component of weak solvent ink is still organic solvents. Objectively speaking, weak solvent ink is a classification of solvent-based inks, and it is an environmentally friendly "version".

The above is the weak solvent ink introduced by Dye Sublimation Ink supplier.