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Print Contrast Between UV Ink And Weak Solvent Ink

Sep 05 , 2019

Here is a professional Odorless LED UV Ink Supplier talking about print contrast between uv ink and weak solvent ink.

Compared with low-solvent inks, UV inks have significant advantages. For example, many of the materials used in the printing of weak solvent inks need to be coated. Printed products without coating treatment are easy to fade; UV inks can be used. It is used directly for printing many materials and does not require any coating treatment. It is simple, convenient and practical. In addition, the weak solvent ink cannot be mixed with the white ink, so there is no way to print the relief effect. It is also because of the different nature of UV ink and weak solvent ink, so they determine their respective application methods and application fields.

Brilliant Color Solvent Ink

Brilliant Color Solvent Ink

UV curable ink, UV curable ink is a kind of ink with better medium compatibility for superior traditional water-based ink and outdoor weak Solvent Ink. UV ink is divided into color ink and white ink. The UV printer combined with the white ink printing can print a super strong relief effect, and the high-end pattern can be printed well on the basis of the printed color ink. The use of UV white ink is also different from the color classification of traditional solvent ink. Because UV ink can be used together with white ink, many manufacturers can print some beautiful relief effects, which are firstly accumulating with white ink and then have a relief effect. The embossing effect can be achieved by printing it again with color UV ink. The weak solvent cannot be printed with the white ink, so there is no way to print the relief effect.

From the above, it can be clearly seen that the application of UV ink is superior to the weak solvent ink, and in the application of photo printing and printing equipment, UV ink and UV printing technology will be the development direction of future printing.

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