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What is Pigment Ink?

Jul 05 , 2019

In terms of digital printer technology, inkjet printing is the preferred type of photographer and laboratory. Under the same type, it is necessary to distinguish between dyes and pigments,which are two different kinds of ink.Today we focus on the Vivid Color Pigment Ink and introduce it to all of you. I hope I can help you in some ways.

Vivid Color Pigment Ink

Vivid Color Pigment Ink

Pigment Ink: it has high production costs, so most of the time it is only used for professional printers, printing works that focus on preservation.

The structure of the pigment ink is that the colorant is some solid small particles. In order to uniformly distribute these solid colorants in the ink, an emulsifier is added to coat the outer layer of the special coloring agent with a small amount of hydrophilic particles on the resin layer, and the coloring agent is suspended in the ink. Since the colorant does not dissolve in water, when the print is in contact with water, the colorant does not migrate with water, and its water resistance is naturally greatly improved. The coloring agent of the pigment ink is generally a highly pulverized mineral, and its own stability is very good, and the outer layer of the coloring agent is wrapped with a resin layer. When it encounters sunlight and ozone, the outer resin is first destroyed. The layer, while the internal colorant is not affected, naturally it is not easy to produce fading.