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The Application Of UV Ink Industry

Sep 10 , 2019

Find here details of Solvent Ink For Mimaki on our website. Today we would like talk about the application of UV ink industry.

Solvent Ink For Mimaki

Solvent Ink For Mimaki

The following is shared by professional HP Designjet Latex Ink Supplier.

Packaging industry: alcohol (paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, PVC, packaging and printing, leather packaging printing, plexiglass packaging printing, etc.).

Decoration industry: background wall (tile wall, glass background wall, PVC gusset background wall, marble background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, carved background wall) PVC gusset plate, PVC resin plate etc., used in the entire decoration industry

Digital industry: mobile phone case, TPU mobile phone case, mobile phone holster, notebook case, mobile power case, hard disk case, toy plastic case, set-top box case.

Garment accessories: non-woven fabrics, T-shirts, buttons, leather, textiles, hangtags, etc.

Crafts: clocks, stone paintings, marble paintings, wedding photos, bluestone paintings, textile crafts, wooden crafts, metal crafts, stone crafts, art crafts, ceramic crafts, crystal crafts, advertising crafts, plexiglass Crafts, folk traditional crafts, oil paintings, and traditional local products with local characteristics.

Advertising industry: PVC card, plexiglass light box, KT board, PVC board, glass, signage, equipment operation panel, acrylic, PP board, PC board, badge, aluminum board, the entire advertising industry can be used.

Glass industry: art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass, transparent glass, plexiglass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall.

Furniture and building materials: ceramic tiles, ceramics, wall tiles, waistline bricks, ceilings, ceilings, glass sliding doors, traditional doors and windows, personalized furniture, polyester panels, pressure panels, plywood, screens, wallpapers, coffee tables, ashtrays, etc.

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