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UV Ink and Weak Solvent Ink Comparison

Dec 22 , 2020

This is Solvent Ink Suppliers talking about UV ink and weak solvent ink comparison.

UV inks have obvious advantages over low solvent inks. For example, many materials used in Weak Solvent Ink printing require coating. Prints that have not been coated tend to fade; UV ink can be used. It is used directly to print many materials without any coating treatment. It is simple, convenient and practical. In addition, weak solvent inks cannot be mixed with white ink, so embossing effects cannot be printed. It is also due to the different properties of UV inks and weak solvent inks, so they determine their respective application methods and application areas.

UV Inks

UV Inks

UV curable ink, UV curable ink is a good medium compatibility ink, better than the traditional water-based ink and outdoor weak solvent ink. UV ink is divided into color ink and white ink. The COMBINATION of UV printers and white ink prints produces a super-strong embossed effect, and does a good job of printing high-end patterns on top of the printed color ink. The use of UV white ink is also different from the traditional solvent ink color classification. Because UV inks can be used with white inks, many manufacturers can print some beautiful embossed effects that will first produce embossed effects as the white ink accumulates. Embossing can be achieved by reprinting with color UV inks. Weak solvent cannot be printed with white ink, so embossing effect cannot be printed.

It can be clearly seen from the above, UV Inks are better than weak solvent inks, in the photographic printing and printing equipment applications, UV inks and UV printing technology will become the future direction of printing development.

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