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Talking About The Consumables Of Inkjet Printer

Nov 19 , 2019

In the ordinary home printer market, inkjet printers continue to dominate the home printer market with their high performance, low cost and ever-improving color output. However, when people bought an inkjet printer, they found that the horse had to be equipped with a saddle, and the purchase of printing consumables became important. Below our 4 Colour Multifunction Printers suppliers will come to talk to you about the inkjet printer supplies.

4 Colour Multifunction Printers

4 Colour Multifunction Printers

The inkjet printer's consumables mainly include ink cartridges, ink and print media. The ink cartridge is composed of two parts: an ink cartridge and a print head: the ink cartridge is used for loading ink, and the printhead refers to the inkjet head, and the main function is to spray the ink in the ink cartridge onto the medium. The ink cartridge is divided into an integrated ink cartridge and a split ink cartridge. The integrated ink cartridge is to make the print head and the ink together. When the ink is used up, the whole ink cartridge needs to be replaced. It is a waste for ordinary household users, because when the ink cartridge is replaced, the print head is also discarded. However, this type of ink cartridge has the advantage that the clogging of the nozzle can be effectively prevented by periodically replacing the ink cartridge. This will continue to achieve better printing results, and if you are financially allowed, this is definitely a good choice. The split ink cartridges used by other manufacturers separate the print head from the ink. The print head, ink tank and printer are independent of each other. When the ink is used up, only the ink cartridge needs to be replaced, and the print head continues to be used. It seems that the daily consumables cost is lower. However, the actual situation is that more than 90% of domestic users print on plain paper, and the print head is extremely easy to stick. Impurities and fine fibers attached to plain paper cause blockage of the printer nozzle, which seriously affects print quality. At this time, if you want to take the print head for cleaning and maintenance, or replace the print head, it may cause the entire printer to be scrapped. In the long run, it is not cost-effective.

"Ink" is another important consumable for inkjet printers. With the continuous development of inkjet printing technology and people's constant pursuit of output quality, the types of inkjet printer inks are more and more, and the quality is constantly improving and improving. From the initial monochrome (black) to three-color, four-color and now six-color, seven-color inks, such as Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink, the development of ink can be very rapid, and with the development of ink, inkjet printers The color output effect is getting closer and closer to nature, which is close to the traditional photo quality, which makes the printing technology more perfect interpretation. At the same time, different inkjet printer inks have different characteristics for different printing application environments. For example, the new pigment ink can print more sharp text effects, and also improve water resistance, suitable for printing important documents. The ink with plain paper waterproof printing function can realize optimized printing and waterproof printing on plain paper. In order to better save the operating cost of the printer, the developed independent ink tank can be used as long as the ink cartridge of one color is used alone, and every drop of ink can be fully utilized.

The next thing to talk about is printing media. Advances in inkjet printer technology are also manifested in the variety of print media and the variety of print paper specifications. In addition to common plain paper, glossy paper, glossy photo paper, color inkjet plain paper, and high-resolution paper, printing media has also developed such as: Heat Transfer Printing Paper A4, light box, high-gloss film, transparent New printing media such as film, fabric, and coated paper. Print specifications range from transcripts, postcards, envelopes to professional slides, a3 posters, and even large banners to meet the printing needs of different people in different industries.

The development of consumables relies on the development of printer technology, because every advancement in printer technology can bring a large number of new consumables. We believe that with the advancement of inkjet printer technology, it will continue to drive people's development of printer consumables to a deeper and more extensive, thus increasingly satisfying people's pursuit of print output.