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Performance Comparison Of Pigment Ink And Dye Ink

Jul 07 , 2020

I do not know whether it is because of the promotion of Dupont Material Pigment Ink Manufacturer or because pigment ink is more expensive than dye ink. Many users will think that pigment ink is better than dye ink when they choose to add ink to their expensive ink cartridges. In fact, pigment ink and dye ink have their own strengths, and it can not be said who is better than anyone, and for users who use printhead cartridges, adding dye ink is a more suitable choice.

Why? First of all, we need to make clear what is pigment ink and what is dye ink.

Pigment ink is a collection of molecules, its smallest unit is much larger than the molecular diameter of dye ink, ranging from 50-200 nanometers, usually in the form of opaque liquid.

Dupont Material Pigment Ink is the image point, it is powder ink, of course, this is just a kind of image, and it is not accurate enough. To be precise, it is a solid pigment grinded into very fine particles, dissolved in a special aqueous solvent, is a suspension solution or a semi-solution, with the same pigment properties as our printing and dyeing clothing.

Piezo Pigment Ink Bottle Ink for Epson Stylus PRO

Piezo Pigment Ink Bottle Ink for Epson Stylus PRO

Contrary to the principle that Water Based Dye Ink For Epson penetrates into the medium and then forms color, it develops color by attaching color materials to the surface of the medium (such as copy paper or printing paper, etc.). Therefore, under the influence of external corrosion, only the outermost molecular structure will be destroyed first. The inner structure is not easy to be damaged. Only after the outer layer molecules are destroyed, will it fade.

In terms of printing color, the polymer on the outer layer of the pigment ink will make it unable to show the color and vividness of the color well. Even when printing on glossy paper and other flat surface paper, it will not print glossy. The image comes, which is why things that are usually printed with pigment ink are not shiny.