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Common Faults And Solutions For Label Printers

Sep 22 , 2020

Label Printers are more and more widely used in our daily lives, but some failures during use will make you rushed. The following are the emergency solutions for barcode printers:

1. The label printer does not feed the paper normally, only half of the paper is fed, and the red light is on after printing one

Reason: The printer parameter setting is wrong.

Solution: Take Z4M machine as an example. Click the Start menu —> Settings —> Printer —> Select Z4M machine —> Right-click —> Properties —> Printing Preferences —> DocumentOption —> DispenseMode —> Select TearOff and it’s OK.

2. The label printer is not in place when printing small labels, and the print content is always up or down

Reason: The label is too small and it is difficult for the sensor to sense the paper.

Solution: Generally, the height of the label must be at least greater than 10 to be able to locate, otherwise the offset setting of the label is necessary. When setting the label, set the height of the label to be about 5mm higher than the actual label, and then set the offset of the label according to the specific offset.

High Speed Label Printer

High Speed Label Printer

3. The label printer has clear fonts and unclear barcodes when printing

Reason: The barcode content is too much and the density is too small.

Solution: shorten the bar code content or increase the bar code density. For 200dpi and 300dpi machines, the bar code density should generally be above 7mils, that is, the scale factor must be 2 or above, so that the bar codes printed by High Speed Label Printer can be clear.

4. The content is not printed completely when the label printer is printing.

Reason: The printing software and driver version are too low.

Solution: Install the new version of the software and driver.

5. Paper skipping frequently occurs during label printer printing

Reason: The print settings are wrong.

Solution: When the paper size and spacing settings are correct, change the BMP print format to PCX format for printing.