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What's The Introduction Of UV Ink?

Sep 20 , 2019

Find here details of Ricoh LED UV Ink on our website. Today we would like to talk about the introduction of UV ink.

The UV ink has a pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, does not contain volatile organic solvents, has ultra-low viscosity, and has no irritating odor. It ensures that the ink does not clog the nozzle during the jet printing process. After six months of high temperature storage test, no pigment condensation occurs. Abnormal phenomena such as sinking and stratification. The UV ink is spray-dryed and can be matched with various types of nozzle UV flatbed printers currently on the market. UV ink is suitable for printing metal, glass, ceramic, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials. The cured ink layer has high hardness, good adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance and high gloss. UV inks are available in C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, white, transparent, 8 colors, and light fastness levels of 7-8.

Ricoh LED UV Ink

Ricoh LED UV Ink

Applicable: UV flatbed inkjet printer at home and abroad.

As a professional Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier, we know that due to their inherent nature, uv inks and weak solvent inks determine their respective application methods and applications. Since uv ink can be used together with white ink, many manufacturers can print some beautiful relief effects, which are firstly embossed with white ink, and then printed with color uv ink to achieve the relief effect. The weak solvent cannot be printed with the white ink, so there is no way to print the relief effect.

In addition, because weakly soluble inks need to be coated when printing, many unprinted printed products are easy to fade; uv ink can be used directly to print many materials, no need to do anything. The coating treatment is simple, convenient and practical.

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