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How to Choose Inkjet PVC Card Holder?

Jun 26 , 2019

PVC materials are widely used in the card making process. Most common membership cards, consumer cards, loyalty cards, and identity cards are mainly PVC cards. Therefore, for merchants who want to make cards for their own stores, how to distinguish the Inkjet PVC Card Holder becomes a problem.

Inkjet PVC Card Holder

Inkjet PVC Card Holder

When selecting a Inkjet PVC Card Holder, you can distinguish it from the following points:

1. The card surface is flat, smooth, without deformation and bending, and has certain elasticity. There are no raised foreign objects and mottling spots on the surface.

2. The entire card body is firmly bonded without delamination and peeling.

3. The card surface printing color separation is clear and accurate, and the resolution is not less than 300dpi.

4. The pattern printed on both sides of the card body is clear, the typesetting is correct and beautiful. Under the damage of external force, the pattern and handwriting are not deformed or fall off.

5. The positive and negative faces of the card are accurate and the error should not exceed 0.15mm.

6. The edge of the card is smooth and has no burrs.