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How To Improve Printing Production Efficiency?

Oct 18 , 2019

Under the background of rising labor costs and raw and auxiliary materials prices, the printing industry is facing a problem of transformation and upgrading in the era of low profit, but no matter how the industry evolves, it is evolving in an increasingly efficient direction. Improving the efficiency of printing production has become the survival of printing companies.

This is not only related to the text entry, design layout and printing process before printing, but also inseparable from the paper and ink used in printing. Here, our Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier based on years of experience, from the pre-press link, printing raw materials, reasonable scheduling, environmental temperature and humidity, how to improve printing production efficiency.

First, the pre-press link

1 pre-picture quality control

The words on the original cannot have other words and wrong words. The input personnel should carefully and carefully work to find out whether there are typos or missing words in the printing.

2 layout design rationality

Designers should pay attention to the following when designing the layout:

(1) The designer should reasonably design the color or use the spot color to achieve the purpose of satisfying the customer's requirements and improving the printing machine's production efficiency;

(2) Try to avoid the occurrence of hollow characters above two colors, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the ideal registration state, which brings great trouble to printing;

(3) Designers should be familiar with the characteristics of different papers, and be able to color according to different papers, so that color chasing can be faster and achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.

3 typesetting

In the process of typesetting, the typesetting staff is required to work carefully and need to have a high professional quality. In addition, proofreading after the typesetting of the manuscript is critical to the high quality of the prepress process. It is generally necessary for different personnel to serve as the first proofreading and the second proofreading two proofreading work to ensure that the film content is correct or that the CTP version is correct. Otherwise, even if there is a little mistake, if the machine personnel do not see it, it will cause the whole batch of work pieces to become waste products, causing serious quality accidents.

Second, high quality printing raw materials

The quality of raw materials is very important for improving the quality of printed products and production efficiency. Here we mainly introduce the influence of paper and ink on printing production efficiency and corresponding precautions.

1 paper

Paper is one of the main raw materials for printing production, and its quality has a great impact on the quality of printing. The paper-cutting department should carefully read the paper-cutting task list issued by the printing workshop, and promptly communicate with the printing workshop for the doubts, because the paper-cutting mistake will cause great losses. Therefore, paper cutters should strengthen their sense of responsibility, ensure the quality of paper cutting, ensure the cutting edge is sharp, and the paper is neat, precise and paperless. Generally, the cut paper must be wrapped with a plastic film to prevent the paper from being placed for too long and deformed.

2 ink

In the printing process, the malfunction caused by the ink is frequent, which greatly reduces the printing production efficiency and the printing quality. For example, if the number of short runoffs is large, it is difficult to ensure that the ink colors are consistent, resulting in a significant drop in the quality of the job. Therefore, when the operator encounters such problems, he or she can not encounter the ink smear and stop the treatment. In most cases, it is related to the performance of the ink. For example, in the winter when the weather is cold, if the additive is added to make the ink fluidity increase, you can reduce the production of ink. In addition, it is best to use high-quality ink printing, you can use Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink. In general, the quality of this printing ink is more stable, the ink skin failure is relatively small, suitable for long-term use, and can improve printing production. effectiveness.

Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink

Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink

Third, reasonable arrangements for production

The production arrangement of the printing workshop must be carried out by a person who knows how to print, is familiar with the printing process, and has rich printing experience. Only in this way can we rationally arrange production tasks, make full use of the production capacity of the printing press, and improve production efficiency. When arranging production tasks, pay attention to the following matters: the same quantity of paper is printed together, the same size of the work piece is printed together, the ink color is close to the work piece, the first print is printed, and the customer signs with the machine.

Fourth, the ambient temperature and humidity

The high or low temperature and humidity have a particularly large effect on the printing of the job. If the humidity is low, the paper will be deformed after absorbing the moisture on the printing plate at the time of starting printing, and the left and right rules and the upper and lower rules cannot be fitted together. When the temperature is low, the ink does not transfer well to the paper due to its high viscosity, which causes the printing speed to be slow. When the temperature is high, the ink becomes more fluid with increasing temperature, which is not conducive to printing. This requires the captain to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop according to the seasonal changes every time after the shift or after work in the morning. The general printing workshop should be equipped with a humidifier and air conditioning equipment to control the temperature between 18 and 23 ° C and the humidity control at 60%. ~70%, in order to ensure the normal operation of the printing press and improve the printing production efficiency.

The above is about how to improve printing efficiency, I hope to help everyone. Also, if you are interested in the inks you need in printing, you can contact us. The quality of our company's products, whether it is Dye Sublimation Ink or chemical resistant LED UV ink, has reached the international leading level, and has been well received by related companies, and has been widely used in the printing field.