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What Should I Do If The Inkjet Printer Nozzle Is Blocked?

Oct 24 , 2019

Inkjet printer nozzles are prone to blockage if not used for a long time. If you are rushing to use the printer, this will cause a lot of legal trouble. There are also many users who have great doubts about whether the solvent-based ink is easy to plug and whether it is easy to corrode the nozzle. The following Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier will introduce the inkjet printer nozzle blockage.

Step 1: Check the ink to see if the ink is ready for use.

Step 2: Check the program with the nozzle of the printer to see if the print result is severely broken. If it is broken, print the cleaning inside the test machine and play it several times. If there is no effect, perform the following steps.

Step 3: Unplug the printer and open the cover of the printer.

Epson ID Card Printer L805

Epson ID Card Printer L805

Step 4: Connect the power supply and look at the removed ink cartridges, such as the Refill Ink Cartridge For HP 932. When the cartridge is removed from the maximum limit, unplug the power supply and you will find that the ink cartridge is in the middle (Fig. III). The cartridge moves forward again and loses power when it reaches the limit (Figure IV) (this is to have enough room to inject alcohol into it). Looking inside the printer, there is a small sponge (used to wipe the ink from the nozzle) in the original position of the printer cartridge. Use a syringe to suck a little alcohol and pull the sponge completely soaked. Be careful not to let the alcohol spill.

Step 5: Power on, the ink cartridge will be automatically reset. Wait a day, turn it on again and everything is OK.

In the daily life, it is necessary to clean the nozzle, so what is the specific cleaning method?

First pull the nozzle out of the printer:

Remove the small ink bag or ink cartridge and remove the protective cover on the data line above the print head. (The protective cover has a lock on each end. Use a fingernail to gently remove the protective cover. Then screw it with a screwdriver. Fix the screw of the print head, carefully remove the cable, and remove the print head. Prepare an ultrasonic cleaner and inject 20 ml of special cleaning solution into the cleaning machine (solvent ink is used, you can also use anhydrous alcohol instead) , but the effect is not clear liquid. Put the removed nozzle into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning liquid is just not covered by the print head, the liquid level is about 0.5cm. Cover the cover of the washing machine, press the start button The machine will start to clean automatically. Generally, it should not be washed more than three times in a row. After one hour, it should be washed three times in a row. If the plug is very serious, the nozzle can be soaked in the washing machine for about 24 hours. The cleaned nozzle should also be tested. We can do it directly to the machine and directly test it by hand. Find a medical syringe, remove the needle, take a small amount of clear liquid, and then carefully insert the syringe vertically. Above the nozzle head, and slowly force the cleaning liquid inside the injector head.

From the bottom of the print head, it can be seen that the cleaning liquid is ejected. If the cleaning liquid is completely smooth, there is no separation and separation, which means that the nozzle is completely clear. If the ejected ink has a split or a significant gap, it means that the sprinkler has not been completely cleaned, and it should be washed or soaked. After the nozzle is completely clear, remove the printhead, dry the excess cleaning solution or carefully dry the printhead with a hair dryer. (Be sure to note that you must wait until the print head is completely dry, then install it inside the printer, otherwise it will easily burn the print head!) After installing it inside the printer, turn it on and clean it (in order to wash off the excess cleaning liquid in the nozzle) And fill the print head completely, print the nozzle test until the full test line is printed.

The above is about the inkjet printer does not inkjet solution, I hope to help everyone, if the above methods are not feasible, it is recommended that you change an inkjet printer, as a printer supplier, we can provide you with an Epson ID Card Printer L805, this quality is excellent, clear and durable printing, welcome to buy.