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How to Solve the Problem of Water Sublimation Ink?

May 28 , 2020

The adaptability of Sublimation Ink and water is critical to the efficient production of the printing shop. We control the water-ink balance to control the process. Printing workers tend to let the process control them, rather than control the process to prevent problems.

Factors affecting the water quality of printing houses

Start to analyze step by step, breaking the assumption of "all water is the same" in the mind of the printing staff. Due to the different sources of water, the mineral content contained in them is also different. For example: Well water and river water contain different mineral compositions. The water from the faucet in the same printing plant is not always the same. Although they come from the same water source, the difference in water also affects the production work mode of the printing workshop throughout the year. "Other factors include:

(1) The PH value of water is different, the ideal value should be 7.0;

(2) Electrical conductivity, which is based on the number of dissolved ions of minerals in water;

(3) Chemical agents added by local water treatment companies, such as chlorine, fluorine, deodorant, etc.

Water and ink

On the printing press, we use a water bucket mixed with water. Therefore, it is critical to understand the composition of the water bucket. Bucket liquid is usually made of 98% water plus 2% of other mixing agent. The mixing agent is basically made of alcohol or alcohol, ink and wetting agent (active agent). If the amount of water in the bucket liquid is insufficient, it will not function properly.

Temperature is another factor that needs to be controlled. Temperature has little effect in process control. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of the ink, and the amount of water and ink will increase. For example, the viscosity of Sublimation Ink For Epson ink will drop after sticking water. Other influencing factors include what kind of substrate the job is printed on and the ink's date of manufacture.

Sublimation Ink For Epson

Sublimation Ink For Epson

The balance and adaptability of water and ink play the most critical role in the high efficiency and high-efficiency production of the printing workshop. However, different jobs at different times have their own unique process requirements, which brings serious challenges to printing production. You can follow the following principles to help achieve and control the ink and wash balance:

(1) Install a water treatment system;

(2) Replace the ink to ensure quality;

(3) Clean the printing plate before the printing plate to avoid contaminating the water bucket;

(4) Perform routine maintenance on the printing press.

Summary: The better the control of ink and water, the better the printing effect. You also gain superior and constant control of the process.