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How to solve the printer jam?

Nov 13 , 2019

As the most common problem on printing devices, why do printers jam frequently? How to solve the problem of jam? The Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Manufacturer will tell you next.

1, first solve the problem of paper jam

When a problem occurs with the printing device, the correct way to do this is to turn off the power to the printing device instead of opening the device's consumables. If it is a laser printing device or a copying machine, you need to wait for five minutes, wait for the fixing unit to completely dissipate heat before you can start the jamming operation, otherwise it will be hot.

After turning off the power and waiting for the heat to be dissipated, remove the consumables from the printing device. At this point, you can see the jam in the printer. You can decide whether to pull the paper from the outside or inside according to the condition of the jam, but it is recommended to follow the Removing the paper in the paper direction will reduce the difficulty of picking up the paper. Be especially careful at this point to prevent paper from remaining inside the printer. The most important thing is: if some shredded paper can't be removed, you can install the consumables to turn on the power, and let the printing device “spit” the shredded paper by running the self-test of the printing device.

2. Which printer is not easy to jam?

When purchasing a printing device, you often ask "Which printing device does not jam". There is no printer that can ensure no paper jam. As long as it is a printing device, paper jam occurs. This is mainly related to the design and production of the printing device manufacturer. Process and so on.

If you want to print a device with a low probability of paper jam, you need to understand the paper path design of the printing device. The paper path of the printing device is the paper path of the paper that is linearly connected from the paper feeding, printing, and paper output. The shorter the paper path, the smaller the angle, the lower the paper jam probability of the printing device, and the larger the number of print media paper. Recommend our company's Expression Home XP-240 Ink jet Printer. The compact, one-in-one printer saves space and has excellent performance. One-touch copying and scanning can be easily set up in just a few minutes, using quick-drying pigment ink. It has the advantages of waterproof, anti-fading and anti-fouling.

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3. How to solve the paper is not correct?

Card jams are often caused by the “printing” of the printed media, which eventually leads to paper jams in the printing device. There are four main situations:

The biggest probability is that foreign objects fall into the printer's paper feed unit. The printer needs to feed paper and paper, so foreign objects can easily fall into the printer from these channels, so be careful when using the printer. Paper clips, staples, buttons, rubber bands, etc. are easy to fall into the printer. Internal things.

Secondly, the use of inferior paper, the inferior paper surface is too smooth or easy to lose fiber powder, coupled with some environmental factors, after the printer has been used for a period of time, the surface of the rubber paper roller leaves paper dust and dust, making the paper The strength is reduced, causing slippage and the phenomenon of no paper feed or paper feed. At this point, the user needs to clean the pickup roller with a damp rag in case of power failure, and the phenomenon of frequent paper jams will be significantly alleviated.

The aging of the pickup roller makes the paper strength uneven, which causes the paper to go in. The bad pickup roller is “carryed”, and finally the paper jam occurs. If the printing volume is too high, the printing equipment frequently jams. In all likelihood, it is caused by the aging of the pickup roller. At this time, only one pickup roller needs to be replaced.

The user usually prints the media in different sizes, and frequently changes the printing medium, which also increases the probability of the paper jam of the printing device. The main reason is that the jammed cardboard that can move on the paper feeding unit of the printer is too loose, so that the swinging amplitude of the paper increases. The user can reduce the frequency of replacing the printing medium. If a format printing medium is fixed in the future, the paper jam baffle can be fixed by the rubber strip to reduce the left and right swing of the paper.

The above are several methods proposed by the manufacturer of Heat Transfer Printing Paper A4 for how to solve the problem of printer jam. I hope to help everyone.