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How To Clean The Printer Ink?

Dec 31 , 2019

The printer can print all kinds of documents, and it is still very much used in office. We all know that printers use ink to print. The ink in the printer is packed in a small box. For example, Ink Cartridge For Mimaki puts it in the printer when it is used. There are still many printers whose inks are dripped into the ink tank. If accidentally, the ink may be dripped onto the hands or clothes. So what can the printer ink wash off? How should we wash it? The following the Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier will come to tell you.

Resistant Sublimation Ink

Resistant Sublimation Ink

Different types of printer ink stains have different cleaning methods.

1. Method for removing water-based ink stains:

(1) Rinse the stains with water to make the stains as light as possible;

(2) Apply the deep cleansing liquid detergent on the stains to completely cover the stains, and leave them for 5 minutes (can be rubbed gently).

2. Method for removing oily ink stains:

The amount of water is suitable to make the clothes just soaked, and the amount of color stains and collars of colored clothes will increase or decrease according to the amount of water. If color stains are not removed after soaking overnight, you can continue to extend the soaking time.

3. Method for cleaning black ink on printer:

First wash your fingers with disinfectant for 2 minutes, then dip in with hand sanitizer for 3 minutes. After testing, it was found that the ink was still obvious. After repeated hand washing multiple times, it gradually subsides. Disadvantages: injured hands, long time.

Apply makeup remover to your hands, rub for 2 minutes, and then rub with detergent for 2 minutes. Rinse with water. After testing, the ink is slightly reduced, and it can gradually fade away repeatedly. Cons: Long time.

Pour some alcohol on the hands, scrub with soap for 3 minutes, then rinse with water. After testing, the ink is reduced by half, and then it can be gradually eliminated after repeated several times. Disadvantages: injured hands, troublesome supplies.

Pour gasoline into the palm of your hand, squeeze some shampoo, rub it for 2 minutes at the same time, and then wash. After testing, the ink is reduced by 80%, but the ink shadow is still left. You can repeat it 2 times to remove the ink stains. Disadvantages: injured hands, troublesome supplies.

Knead with banana water, wash with washing powder and rinse with water. Tested that the ink is very light, and then wash it again, the ink stains will gradually fade away. Disadvantages: injured hands, troublesome supplies.

Use the boiled rice soup to smear the ink stains, then wash with hand soap, and finally rinse with water, repeat 2-3 times, the ink stains disappear after testing. Disadvantages: troublesome supplies.

Apply wind oil essence to the ink stains and scrub for 2 minutes, then wipe it off with a wet wipe, the ink stains become half light, and repeated scrubbing for 3-5 sides will completely disappear. Successful washing does not hurt your hands.

Through the introduction of Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Manufacturer, if you accidentally drop the printer's ink on your clothes or your hands, you don't need to worry about it, you can easily wash it off with the above method. Printer inks have different colors depending on the printer. Black and white printers use black ink, and color printers use color ink. If it is a color printer, you need to pay attention to where the colors are placed so that the colors are not confused and print strange colors.