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How to Buy an Inkjet Printer?

Mar 17 , 2020

Printers are office equipment that we use very frequently in our daily life. In addition to office use, printers are also used in homes. When it comes to printers, naturally we think of inkjet printers. So, how to choose an inkjet printer? What are the classifications of inkjet printers? The Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Manufacturer will tell you next.

How to buy an inkjet printer:

Shopping direction one: look at the value

Not to mention, there are really many moms and dads who look at the "face value" when they buy products. Of course, without abandoning the "retro style", industrial designers in today's era are definitely not so indifferent. How can a parent or child be attracted to the first impression, but the designer has put a lot of effort into the visual. Take this new home model that HP unveiled in 2015.

Shopping direction two: fight price

I believe that many consumers only seek practical and affordable when buying! Indeed, everyone has a price in their minds, which side is lower and which side is higher. However, in the face of objects such as printing products that will generate "consumer costs" in the later period, how to measure the latter period cost is a big deal! Small spray often hears some users complaining: "This Ink cartridge is expensive, you can throw the machine away and buy another one!" Indeed, many manufacturers have launched printers that look like one or two hundred, but they can’t get a few. Replace the ink cartridge, but when I asked the merchant, it would take another one or two hundred to change the ink cartridge, so I thought it was uneconomical.

Of course, many manufacturers have introduced the so-called "large-capacity ink tank products" for the problem of "expensive ink", but for how often do home users print once, is a large box of ink too wasteful, and also faces The risk of plugging in a few days. So be sure to brighten your eyes when buying "cheap" and buy products that are both early and late. Small spray tip: When optimistic about a favorite printer, be sure to look at the price of its ink cartridges!

Shopping direction three: exclusive for high-quality photos

There are not a few printers designed for photos. Some consumers may be “on the line”, knowing that the more color cartridges of the printer's ink cartridges, the better the color and quality of the printed photos, so we have heard before Those "12-color printers," "9-color printers," and so on. Of course, if the average home user does not have a fever for photography and wants to "burn money", he will generally not buy thousands of printers.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

What are the classifications of inkjet printers:

At present, inkjet printers on the market are roughly divided into several categories. One is the entry-level inkjet printers for home users. They are slower and smaller in print volume with the use of integrated ink cartridge supplies, but they are cheaper. Many choices. The disadvantage is that the ink cartridge is too small and the printing cost is expensive. If the ink cartridge is not used for a long time, the printer nozzle will be blocked. Therefore, this type of printer should be printed regularly to avoid clogging the print head.

The second type is the commercial inkjet printer we use. This type of printer also uses ink cartridge supplies, but it has fast printing speed, good printing effect, large ink cartridge capacity, and relatively low printing cost. The disadvantages are similar to ordinary home printers, that is, after the ink cartridge is not used for a long time, a large amount of ink needs to be used for cleaning, and it is easy to plug and waste ink.

The third category is our recent contact with more ink cartridge products. Because of the ink cartridge design, this type of product has a large ink cartridge capacity and low printing cost, but the print quality is relatively average, and it should be no problem to meet general printing needs. However, the disadvantage is that the print head is classified with ink, so a fixed period of printing is required to prevent the print head from clogging. In addition, it should be minimized to avoid ink leakage.

The above is what the supplier of Large Inkjet Printer Solvent Ink introduced to you. How to choose an inkjet printer and what are the classifications of inkjet printers. Of course, we also need to pay attention to many precautions when using inkjet printers, such as Try to use genuine inks and more.