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to follow the principle of low viscosity and high concentration of Epson Vivid Color Eco Solvent Ink

Requirements For Titanium Dioxide In Epson Vivid Color Eco Solvent Ink Production

Mar 22 , 2019

1, to follow the principle of low viscosity and high concentration of Epson Vivid Color Eco Solvent Ink

At present, domestic printing equipment is more and more advanced, and many equipments have been synchronized with the international advanced level. After the machine is advanced, the printing speed is doubled, and the higher the printing speed, the lower the viscosity adjustment of the ink, and the low viscosity and high concentration. Ink is suitable for this development. In addition to the adjustment of the main resin and additives, the oil absorption of the white ink is also a key factor. Try to reduce the oil absorption when the color density is constant, which is conducive to the preparation of high concentration and low viscosity ink. At present, some targeted products abroad, the oil absorption is less than 15, the domestic related titanium dioxide is about 20, the gap is still relatively large.

2. Grinding of titanium dioxide

The fineness of the Economic Dye Based Sublimation Ink depends on the medium to the pigment. Different grinding methods will have different color development effects on the titanium dioxide. At present, the titanium dioxide produced by domestic enterprises is suitable for high-strength grinding, and some are suitable for slow grinding because of the manufacturer. The confidentiality, especially the sales staff does not understand, or do not understand, so the use of manufacturers do not understand the different products, bringing trouble to the downstream customers' ink process, which is also the evaluation of domestic titanium dioxide by some domestic ink companies. Not the same reason. In contrast, foreign companies do very well, and most of the special ink types are general-purpose grinding.

Epson Vivid Color Eco Solvent Ink