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In general, Eco Solvent Printer Ink should have a low viscosity and high surface tension to ensure good flow properties and droplet morphology.

Eco Solvent Printer Ink Affects Printing Factors

May 09 , 2019

Viscosity and surface tension:

Viscosity is the resistance of liquid flow. The surface tension of liquid is related to the ability to form droplets. In general, Eco Solvent Printer Ink should have a low viscosity and high surface tension to ensure good flow properties and droplet morphology.

PH value:

It means the concept of liquid pH, the more acidic the solution, the lower the PH value. Conversely, the more alkali the solution, the higher the PH value. To prevent ink from eroding the nozzle, the pH should generally be between 7 and 12. AJ, ink 9000 inks generally have a pH between 7.0 and 8.0, which is basically close to neutral.


In the Mild Solvent Ink, the conductivity value is used to reflect the level of salt content. In general, the salt content should not exceed 0.5% to avoid crystallization in the nozzle, the salt content of the AJ ink is less than 0.3%; the salt content of the ink 9000 ink is less than 0.01%.


A kind of surfactant, whose main function is to improve the physical properties of the ink surface and enhance the affinity and wettability of the ink and the sponge. Therefore, the ink which is generally stored and transmitted through the sponge contains a dispersing agent.

Most of the general consumables make a fuss about pigment inks and dye inks. Many Epson printers use pigment inks. Because the production process of pigment inks is relatively difficult, most of the domestic general-purpose consumables are replaced by dye inks. The introduction of pigments for printer inks will also have a certain impact on the ink market. However, the price of pigment inks is still very high, and dye-based inks still dominate the market. Of course, general consumable manufacturers can also make pigment inks, but the price is relatively expensive, so be sure to pay attention to this when purchasing inkjet printer general consumables.

Eco Solvent Printer Ink