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Can Eco-Solvent Ink be Replaced? Can The History of Solvent Ink Repeat Itself?

Nov 10 , 2020

In recent years, some experts have pointed out that paper books, movie theaters, and physical stores will disappear. The emergence of products such as the Internet, DVDs, and online retailers will have some impact on traditional products, but in fact, traditional products will still Is part of our lives.

Similarly, many new technologies have appeared in the wide-format inkjet printing market in recent years. Many experts predict that the use of solvent-based inks will be completely eliminated in the future, and the annual demand for solvent-based/eco-solvent wide-format inkjet printers will increase. The rate may not be as great as before. However, the advantage of solvent-based/eco-solvent-based inks is cost, which makes them competitive in the market, and they are likely to still occupy a large portion of the market in the foreseeable future.

Dye Inks, sublimation inks, etc. will not pose a threat to eco-solvent inks. Printing service providers just add these other inks and technologies to their existing workflows in order to diversify their products and expand their business. Eco-solvent ink.

Eco-solvent type has significant advantages

For many printing service providers, cost is a guiding factor in considering what system to purchase or whether to migrate to a newer printing system when upgrading. Some people believe that even if new ink technology has been introduced to the market, the demand for eco-solvent ink printing is still strong. Price competitiveness and the use of more selective media are the key advantages of eco-solvent inkjet printing technology on the market today. In addition, eco-solvent and solvent-based inks are still the most common choice for indoor or outdoor advertising applications, and more than half of wide-format users still use solvent-based inkjet printers and inks.

Ink upgrades have transformed the application of this technology. The overall trend is to improve the durability and color gamut of Mild Solvent Ink while reducing or eliminating odors.

Mild Solvent Ink

Mild Solvent Ink

Expand application areas

Eco-solvent inkjet printing can now deal with a wider range of applications, which gives inkjet printing companies more opportunities to develop new businesses.

Epson pointed out that using the latest eco-solvent printers can achieve excellent image quality, and advanced print head technology can assist the printer to create prints that are close to photographic quality. For example, Epson SureColor S series printers have Epson Precision Core TFP print heads. In addition to traditional applications, they can also produce exquisite artwork reproductions, stickers and backlit films.

Eco-solvent inks and Inkjet Printers have universality, versatility, durability and quick drying. Its latest ink formula makes the image more beautiful and can be printed on a variety of media, including paper, vinyl, coated fabric, polyester film, etc. These high-quality inks are also suitable for environmental protection applications, especially in combination with environmentally friendly media such as Roland Wallflair removable fabric.

Buy versatile materials

When choosing between retention or replacement of ink types, there are many factors to consider: Is color gamut important? Does the type of media matter? The choice of ink can affect many factors, and sometimes it is decided whether to upgrade or replace the function and ink performance of a wide-format inkjet printer, but the most important thing is to match the printer and ink system.