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high-quality raw materials are an important guarantee for high-quality Compatible Water Based Eco Solvent Ink.

Several Important Indicators To Identify Compatible Water Based Eco Solvent ink B

Mar 07 , 2019

1, the quality of raw materials: raw materials mainly because of their different quality, there are also great differences in the quality of the  nozzle, such as purity, PH value, water content, impurities, etc., will directly affect the life of the nozzle. Therefore, high-quality raw materials are an important guarantee for high-quality Compatible Water Based Eco Solvent Ink. Users are advised to reduce the ink cost while not neglecting the quality of the ink raw materials. After all, the inkjet printer ink has too much influence on the state and performance of the inkjet printer.

2, good use: excellent ink in the normal inkjet printing process, do not need to wipe frequently, cleaning the nozzle, which is a waste of ink, and reduce the efficiency of the inkjet printer. Even the chromatic aberration directly affects the quality and efficiency of the printing.

3, the appropriate technical parameters: not all Epson Vivid Color Eco Solvent Ink is suitable for your inkjet printer, not a kind of ink can be used on a variety of models are very suitable. Different nozzles and even the same nozzles have different indicators for the required ink due to their different printing voltages and oscillation frequencies. When customers choose ink, they should fully consider the choice of ink that can extend the life of the nozzle without affecting the printing effect.

4, ink safety and environmental protection: high-quality ink requirements are not flammable and explosive, the impact on the human body is reduced to a minimum. However, some inks on the market are only for the pursuit of low cost, and the international ban on the use of benzene series solvents on inkjet inks. Although there are still users to use them, with the increasing environmental awareness of the government and users, it will eventually be thoroughly Eliminated.

Compatible Water Based Eco Solvent ink