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Common Troubleshooting after Inkjet Printer Refill

Feb 04 , 2020

Today HP Designjet latex Ink Supplier introduces some common faults of inkjet printers after ink refilling. I hope to help you.


1, Epson ink cartridges are broken after inkjet

The printer is disconnected due to improper ink application or unused for a long time in use. Most people mistakenly think it is blocked. In this case, if it is not handled properly, it will actually cause a plug, or it will be rushed to be repaired, and it will cost you nothing. In fact, the handling method is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish what is a disconnection and what is a plug. Lines are discontinuous (broken lines) during nozzle inspection. Generally, print head cleaning should be performed at this time. Observe after cleaning several times, if the disconnection is always in the same location without change, it is usually blocked, and the blocked nozzle is the nozzle at the disconnection. It can be judged that it is not a plug, but air in the channel, and the ink supply is discontinuous, resulting in disconnection.

 Bulk Ink Cartridge For Epson Surecolor

Bulk Ink Cartridge For Epson Surecolor

The solution is: first determine whether the number of broken wires is increasing after each cleaning. If so, the first conclusion is that the ink of that color has run out. Remove the Bulk Ink Cartridge For Epson Surecolor ink cartridge and confirm that adding ink can solve the problem. If the ink disconnection occurs just after the ink is added, the conclusion should be that the ink is added too quickly, there is air in the ink outlet, and the ink enters the channel, and the disconnection occurs during printing. At this time, remove the ink cartridge, make a pop or slap, and let the ink outlet down for ten minutes and then put it back into the printer for nozzle cleaning. It should be noted that the interval between each nozzle cleaning should be slightly longer (about half an hour), so that the ink has a natural sedimentation process, and continuous nozzle cleaning is not effective.


2. Treatment of plugging after spraying ink cartridge and adding ink

I talked about how to judge plugging and disconnection. Most people mistake the disconnection as a plug. In fact, if it is not used for a few months or the ink cartridge is removed for a long time, the plug will generally not occur. The ink at the nozzle mouth will not block the nozzle. . It is common that if there is a disconnection for some reason, and the user does not know how to handle it properly, the air in the hole is the most prone to plugging. Continuous nozzle cleaning after plugging is useless and wastes ink.


The above is the common troubleshooting of inkjet printers introduced by Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Factory for everyone. Hope to help you.