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The Classification Of Solvent

Aug 19 , 2019

Here is a Original Konica Solvent Ink Supplier talking about the classification of solvent.

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Original Konica Solvent Ink

Original Konica Solvent Ink

The solvent is a volatile organic liquid and is one of the essential components in solvent-based inks. It can adjust the viscosity, surface tension and dryness of inkjet inks. When the ink is transferred to the substrate, the volatile solvent evaporates rapidly, and the weakly volatile solvent penetrates into the inside of the substrate by capillary action, so that the binder and the coloring agent remaining on the surface of the paper are fixed on the surface of the paper and dried. It is not only a true solvent for dissolving high molecular substances such as binders, but also a diluent for dilution and a cosolvent for latent dissolution.

The commonly used solvents are mainly classified into the following categories according to their chemical structure:

1. fat: solubility is not good, small smell, cheap, such as petroleum ether gasoline, kerosene, n-hexane and so on.

2. aromatic: excellent solubility, large odor, high toxicity, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.

3. esters: excellent solubility, strong fruit odor, high price, such as ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and so on.

4. alcohols: good solubility for some resins, good odor, the price is slightly higher, such as ethanol, isopropanol, butanol, ethylene glycol and so on.

5. ketones: very strong solubility, poor odor, such as acetone, cyclohexanone.

6. ethers: Some resins have strong solubility, mild odor, antifreeze, but high price, such as ethylene glycol ether, ethylene glycol butyl ether and so on.

7 mixed solvent: refers to a solvent in which the above two solvents are mixed together. The mixed solvent not only dissolves the resin well, but also adjusts the drying speed of the ink by changing its ratio. Solvents can be classified into low boiling point solvents (boiling point below 100 °C), medium boiling point solvents (boiling point in 100~150 °C) and high boiling point solvents (boiling point 150~250 °C). Solvents are not only an important part of the ink, but they can also be used to adjust the viscosity and drying speed of the ink. The speed of solvent evaporation can directly affect the drying speed of the ink and the quality of the formation of the ink layer. If the solvent can be reasonably selected, the cost can be reduced. The organic solvent is the main component of the ink, and the inkjet ink contains a large amount of volatile organic solvent, which accounts for almost 90% of the solvent-based ink, and its effect cannot be ignored.

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