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How does a Canon Printer Change Ink?

Mar 27 , 2020

Canon printer is a relatively common brand in our office supplies. As an internationally renowned brand, its quality is also very guaranteed. It is common to encounter printers without ink when in use. At this time we need to replace the ink tank. But many do not know the specific steps or do not pay attention to the relevant details, resulting in failure to replace the ink tank, or even damage the printer. This article will briefly introduce how to change ink for Canon printers, and its precautions! Canon's Continuous Ink System Ciss for Canon makes it easy for users to supply ink.

1. Canon printer cartridge installation steps

Press and hold the Replace Toner key (A) for 2 seconds. The toner cartridge holder will rotate to move the used toner cartridge to a position where it can be taken out. After the printer's working sound stops, open the printer's top cover. Grasp the cover handle and open it completely. Make sure that the toner container to be replaced is in the replacement position. If the toner cartridge to be replaced is not in the replacement position, close the printer cover, and open the cover again when the printer stops working. Continue opening and closing the upper cover until the toner container to be replaced is moved to the replacement position.

Remove the toner cartridge from the printer. Grasp the handle of the toner container and lift it up. Remove the toner container with the same color as the toner container to be replaced from the protective bag. Cut the protective bag with scissors to prevent damage to the toner container. Hold the toner container, and shake it back and forth 5 or 6 times left and right so that the toner inside the toner container is evenly distributed. Remove the protective cover. Grasp the protective cover (A) and remove it. Place the toner container on a flat surface, and slowly pull out the sealing tape (approximately 45 cm in length) while holding the toner container. Install the toner cartridge by its handle into the printer. Close the cover. After the printer operation sound stops, press the toner replacement button (A) for 2 seconds. After a while, the toner indicator will go out and the Ready indicator (blue) will light up.

700ml Ink Cartridge For Canon Pro4000s Pro6000s Printer Replace Ink

  700ml Ink Cartridge For Canon Pro4000s Pro6000s Printer Replace Ink

2.Notes for ink replacement

Ink cartridges are intact. At present, the use of ink cartridges is rarely damaged, but users must learn to check the integrity of the ink cartridges when refilling the original ink cartridges. The specific inspection method is that if there is a large resistance or ink leakage when filling the bottom of the ink, it means that the ink cartridge is likely to be damaged. In the future, you cannot fill the damaged ink cartridge.


Resistant Sublimation Inks should be filled with high-quality sublimation-resistant inks as much as possible in order to protect inkjet printers, and their effects are also very good. However, when you buy ink, if you really want to buy the original ink of the inkjet printer, I suggest you go to the repair center of the corresponding brand printer to buy it, and it is guaranteed to be true. If something goes wrong, the repair center can help you solve it. Or go directly to the official website of the Resistant Sublimation Ink Supplier to buy regular products.

Use the right amount of ink. Many users feel that filling the ink cartridges is tedious. In order to save trouble, many people either do not fill the ink cartridges and the tanks are full; in fact, if the ink tanks are excessive, not only will the cartridges be in use Ink leakage occurs, and the ink leaked from the ink cartridge is likely to wet the components inside the printer, which may cause the printer to short circuit or even damage the printer! If you accidentally fill the ink cartridge with excess ink, you must use some soft paper or other cotton cloth to gently suck the ink cartridge and nozzle in time to absorb the excess ink, but you must not wipe it back and forth with soft paper or other cotton cloth. The print head of the printer.

The above is the relevant content about how to change the ink of Canon printer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!