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Mild Solvent Ink

Dec 10 , 2019

In the past year, a new type of inkjet printing industry has developed rapidly and attracted more and more attention. This is the weak solvent ink, also known as environmentally friendly ink (ECO-solvent ink or Light solvent ink). What are the advantages of weak solvent inks? What is the difference between solvent ink and water-based ink? What kind of machines use weak solvent inks and what will happen in the future? These issues are definitely of concern to everyone. The following suppliers of Resistant Sublimation Ink will introduce to you.

Weak solvent ink, or environmentally friendly solvent ink, is a new type of outdoor solvent spray with high safety, low volatility, low to slight toxicity, and high flash point, which has been popular in the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market in recent years. Ink, its development has not stagnated. At present, some people have put forward higher requirements to develop it into green solvent outdoor inkjet. It is required that its boiling point is higher than 150 ° C, the closed cup flash point is higher than 65 ° C, and the oral lethal dose of LD50 of the rat is> 3,000ml / kg.

Mild Solvent Ink

Compared with solvent-based inks, the biggest advantage of Mild Solvent Ink is that it is environmentally friendly, which is mainly reflected in the reduction of volatile VOCs and no longer using many toxic organic solvents. It is no longer needed in the production workshop of weak solvent inkjet printer Ventilation. The weak solvent ink maintains the advantages of high accuracy of the screen made by the water-based ink, and overcomes the disadvantages that the water-based ink is harsh on the substrate and the screen cannot be applied outdoors. Therefore, weak solvent inks are between water-based and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both. However, we must see that the main component of weak solvent ink is still organic solvents. Objectively speaking, weak solvent ink is a classification of solvent-based inks, and it is an environmentally friendly "version".

The English name of eco-solvent ink is ECO-solvent ink, where ECO can be regarded as the abbreviation of Environmentally safe, uncoated media, and Outdoor durable. The features generally promoted by machines using ECO-solvent ink are environmental protection, high precision and outdoor weather resistance Sex. In the production process of inks, in addition to the selection of environmentally friendly solvents, weak solvent inks also have two higher requirements compared to solvent-based inks: one is to control the ink dispersion better in order to achieve high-precision output. The other is that the filtration precision of the ink production process is higher.

Because the weak solvent ink combines some advantages of the water-based ink and the solvent-based ink, it can be said that it developed rapidly between the water-based ink and the solvent-based ink.

Low solvent ink features:

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, excellent color expression;

(2) Waterproof, abrasion resistant and not easy to discolor.

(3) Adopt imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no plugging;

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, can resist the influence of UV light and prevent color fading;

(5) Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents, and has a very small taste;

(6) Good adhesion and quick-drying;

To sum up: the weak solvent ink has been widely used in the universal printer and photo machine industry.

The above is the weak solvent ink introduced by Desktop PVC Smart Card Printer Manufacturer. Hope to help you.